5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Fix Before Cyber Monday

Don’t Miss Out on Holiday Sales

The 2019 holiday season is fast approaching and is expected to bring $1.035 trillion to US retailers, a 3.7% increase over last year.1 Retailers make up to 30% of their annual revenue during the holidays,2 so every marketing decision made in the weeks leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is critical in making or breaking the bottom line.

spent on Cyber Monday in 2018, the heaviest online spending day in history.1
of internet users shop both online and in stores over Thanksgiving weekend.1
days between Thanksgiving and Christmas (five days fewer than 2018).
increase in year-over-year eCommerce revenue for retailers who invest in digital advertising.3

Don't let digital marketing mistakes negatively affect your holiday performance. By fixing some of these common digital marketing issues now, you can capitalize on the season and boost your revenue.

Bonus Tip

Don’t spend your entire marketing budget on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Customers are shopping on other days as well. Establish a flexible budget with some set aside for the whole month (including a few days after the holidays).

Bonus Tip

Start working on your creative early and make sure your various holiday promotions carry a consistent look and feel. You should also test different ad formats now (such as videos, images, and carousels) so you know what will bring the best results on peak shopping days.

Bonus Tip

Promotions can be both a good thing and a bad thing because they train shoppers to want to spend less. Be careful not to cannibalize your bottom line with campaigns. As you work on increasing conversions, also pay attention to your margin and profitability.

Find Out How Ready You Are

Are you on track for a successful holiday season? Take our 5-minute digital marketing holiday readiness assessment to see if you’re missing out on ways to boost your holiday revenue. We can help you make sure you’re ready to win big this holiday season.


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Digital Marketing
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