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What If shopping for fabric and craft supplies could be simple both online and in stores?

In a market that traditionally rooted in brick-and-mortar stores, JOANN was facing challenges when it came to extending the customer experience online. It was time to capitalize on JOANN’s digitally savvy customer base and connect the offline and online experiences. We worked with JOANN to improve its inventory visibility in an effort to better position the company for legacy growth and adjust to evolving business models and customer demands.

Inventory Visibility that Measures Up

The first phase of our work with JOANN began with the redeployment of the company’s IBM Order Management platform. The system had been implemented by another solution provider, but there was little to no training provided to team members once it was up and running.

JOANN initially engaged us to provide that training, but our advanced technical experience and platform knowledge made such an impression that we were asked to re-implement the system entirely. We went back to the drawing board and ended up launching the IBM Sterling OMS platform in a cloud-based environment, rather than on the server that the platform was operating on previously.

By creating a global view of JOANN’s inventory, we were able to solve many of the company’s product information and order management problems. The new system gives team members an up-to-date view of all inventory and helps JOANN better track product quantity, location, and availability.

The IBM Call Center for Commerce was also added to JOANN’s order management stack to provide additional support to call center agents. With the company’s OMS data as its foundation, this call center interface gives agents access to order status and shipment information so they can provide customers with accurate information and an elevated service experience.

Designing a Cutting-Edge In-Store Experience

The implementation of IBM OMS in the cloud has not only improved inventory visibility to benefit internal teams, but has armed JOANN employees with the ability to deliver a better in-store experience. When a customer comes into a store with a specific project in mind, team members can provide up-to-the-minute data on where specific products are located.

This is particularly helpful when fabric supply and order management comes into play. Fabric has always comprised a large part of JOANN’s inventory, and because fabric quantity is measured in yardage rather than units, it was especially difficult to track. This made it challenging for JOANN associates to guarantee alternative fulfillment options if a customer’s choice of fabric was low in quantity or out of stock at their local store. Now, team members can draw on multiple inventory channels to help customers find all the materials they need.


By implementing IBM OMS, we were able to help JOANN reduce the cost of its order and fulfillment processes and integrate new shipping methods.

These initiatives improved the customer experience by offering shoppers a variety of ways to buy and receive their purchases. The ship-from-store initiative reduced shipping costs for JOANN by using the large number of stores across the country as distribution centers. The buy-online-pick-up-in-store initiative provides customers the convenience to buy online and pick up their merchandise in store the same day. This also led to an increase in customer foot traffic and resulted in higher sales through add-on purchases.

In addition, by implementing a new call center solution using IBM Call Center for Commerce, we were able to add to the capabilities and functions of customer support agents. 

“JOANN had one of our largest selling Black Friday weeks, and our DotCom site now has a new top-selling day of all time. This was only achieved by the hard work that was done getting the OMS ready to handle our volume. The performance team really pushed to make sure that we were ready. David Leonard, Director of Application Development, JOANN Fabrics & Crafts
David Leonard, Director of Application Development, JOANN Fabrics & Crafts

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