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What If we could reimagine the support experience through evidence-based strategy and innovation?

Founded in 1982 and with more than 11,000 employees around the world, Symantec is a global leader in cybersecurity, helping organizations and individuals protect and manage their data wherever it is housed.

Several years ago, we migrated Symantec’s legacy system to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). We built a responsive site with a consistent architecture and improved user experience. We also worked with Symantec to create a unique look and feel for, incorporating new and innovative branding. Later, when Symantec announced a spin-off company, Veritas, we were asked to help create a new website under a tight timeline, which we successfully did. Finally, after Symantec’s acquisition of LifeLock, we assisted migrating to Symantec’s AEM environment.

Refining the Support Experience

Symantec was working to integrate a series of acquired technologies into its portfolio and wanted to create a unified enterprise support experience where customers can quickly and easily find the information they need.

This endeavor involved consolidating multiple portals, knowledge bases, and other web properties while refining the support experience to better meet customers’ needs with enhanced features, functionality, and workflows.

To create a seamless experience, Symantec asked us to help develop the unified online support system. The company had two main goals: a redesign of its support portal, and implementation of a virtual agent to further enhance the online support experience and provide tools to help customers help themselves.

We had worked with Perficient Digital in recent years to build a responsive platform using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to improve user experience. We chose Perficient Digital because they understand our business and the direction we wanted to take in creating a new support website that would empower our customers to help themselves. Maureen Smith, Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Web, Symantec
Maureen Smith, Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Web, Symantec

An Evidence-Based Approach is the main entry point for Symantec Enterprise Online Support, and the company knew it needed to lead with a strong first impression and present customers with a modern, intuitive, and rapid support experience that’s available on any device. Symantec knew what the site update would entail, and wanted to be prudent about limiting potential customer disruption.

We took an evidence-based approach to gather information by using our accelerated modeling process, CX AMP, to define and map Symantec’s strategic customer experience vision and prioritize required features. CX AMP showed Symantec where customers came from (and where they were going), the most important pages to address, gaps in navigation, and next steps.

Other evidence-gathering exercises included taking an inventory of existing content, journey mapping and persona development, simplifying the technical framework, and conducting a needs analysis.

Empowering Content Authors

One of Symantec’s primary goals was to modernize its current support site and help customers find relevant content. To reach this goal, we created a content strategy that allows content authors to better organize and tag content. With the previous version of Adobe, authors lacked flexibility in creating and publishing content. By leveraging new AEM features and functionality, we created a multi-page application that integrates all authors and allows the flexibility to create content and adjust the look and feel as desired.

An Easier Way to Open Support Cases

Using guided workflows, Sami steers customers to an optimal solution as quickly as possible. This is done through self-service options with a path to live support when necessary.

One of the virtual agent’s goals is to deflect calls from live agents, whose duties range from simple tasks to the more-involved process of opening a case in Salesforce. To replicate the same advanced customer experience provided by live agents, Sami’s first step is to use natural language processing to answer basic questions through a broader search and then seamlessly open a support case in Salesforce if necessary. Sami is able to open a case through a basic issue description, which eliminates the client needing to log in, call, or email and answer a long list of questions.

The virtual agent’s advanced capabilities improve the overall support experience. Sami is able to quickly look up a customer, validate a particular account, understand a specific customer’s product entitlement, and create a case.

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